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Children are very important in the life of the Work of Christ. They experience a rich network of relationships with peers as well as older and younger community members. The community is much like a large extended family with lots of aunts, uncles, cousins, and siblings "in the lord." We work hard to weave together the generations both by including children in the worship and social life of the community and by asking people from a wide range of ages to serve in the children and youth program--including the children and youth themselves. Kids in middle school help with the children's programs, high school students help with the middle school program, and college students help with the high school program. Listed below are some of the programs for children. If you want to learn more about programs for high schoolers click here: Christian Youth in Action. To learn more about programs for university aged people click here: University Christian Outreach.

Noah's Ark kids and staff on the playground.

Preschool: Preschool kids enjoy a special program during community gatherings called Noah's Ark where they have a special prayer time, a bible lesson, do a craft project, and have time for free play. Another program for preschool kids is Little Lambs: a learning and play group that meets at the community center every Thursday morning.

Grade School: There is also a program for grade school kids during community gatherings. One week the younger grade school children have their own prayer meeting and the older grade school children join the adult prayer meeting. The next week the age groups switch. This pattern means that children regularly worship with the larger community but also regularly have prayer and teaching that is directed right at them.

A number of other programs are focused on the grade school age group. The Work of Christ sponsors Capitol Kids, an urban 4-H program. There is also a Cub Scout pack for the boys. Younger grade schoolers attend a summer day camp: a week of prayer, crafts, games, and swimming at Lake Lansing Park. For the older grade school kids there is summer camp. Since 1978 the Work of Christ has held a week-long residential camping program staffed by high schoolers, college students, adult singles, and moms and dads. Camp is something we do together and it builds relationships across ages and states of life--relationships that last a lifetime.

The summer camp group.

Middle School: The youth program continue in middle school with regular boys and girls group meetings and social events. There is also an annual retreat for the boys and the girls. Each summer the community organizes adventure trips for the middle school students: one big adventure and one smaller adventure. One year the girls have a big adventure and the boys have a smaller one; the next year the boys and girls trade places. This year's big adventure was a wilderness backpacking trip for the boys. Last year's big adventure was a Boundary Waters canoe trip for the girls.

Middle school backpackers ready to leave



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